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Call Matilda at (712) 329-8905

For assistance with the Matilda System during regular business hours, please call a United Credit Union Representative at (712) 322-0841. Regular office hours, excluding holidays, are Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“Hello, Matilda?”

Meet United’s Telephone Teller

Matilda is our Audio Response Teller that allows you to access your United Credit Union account information from any touch-tone telephone.

It’s easy and safe to use, plus the service is free.

To contact the Matilda System, you need:

  • a touch-tone telephone;
  • your Credit Union member number (which can be found on your statement);
  • your 4-digit “Matilda” Access Number, which is like a PIN (the system automatically assigns this number. The member will have to change it. Call the Credit Union for information);
  • and a list of action codes, available at the Credit Union.

Matilda System Action Codes

Starting Your Call – You will be asked to enter: your member number followed by # and then your 4-digit Matilda Access Number. Follow the voice prompts using the action codes shown below. For transactions not listed here, listen to the entire listing. At any time during your call, press 99 for assistance or ## to return to the main menu or 98 to end your call.

Amount Entry Procedures (Example)

Matilda will automatically enter decimal points. For example: for $3.50, enter 350; for $350.00, enter 35000.

Reference the following tables to use the Matilda Telephone Teller

Key Codes for Credit Union Hours

Voice Response72

Key Codes for Transfers

Share to Share10
Share to Checking or to Loan11

Key Codes for General Loan & CD Information

Loan Payoff Status81
Calculate Loan Amortization82
Certificate Maturity Dates85

Key Codes for General Inquiries

Share Draft Checking Balance 30
Share Savings Balance 31
Loan Balance32
Share Certificate Balance 33
IRA Balance34
Checks Cleared (by date)40
Checking Deposits41
Checks Cleared (by number) 42
Share Draft Deposits50
Share Savings Deposits51
Share Savings Withdrawals52
ATM Debit Transactions53
ACH Deposits54
ACH Withdrawals55
Payroll Deposits56

Key Codes for Share Types

You must know your account type(s) to perform some of the transactions

Main Share Savings01
Share Draft Checking08
Christmas Club04
Kirby Club09
LoansSee your statement

Key Codes for Dividends & Interest Inquiries

Year-to-Date Dividend 60

Key Codes for Loans

Prior Year Dividend62
Year-to-Date Interest61
Last Dividend Applied64
Prior Year Interest63

Other Key Codes

Changing Your Matilda Access Number96
Inquire on Another Account97
End Call98
Current Date and Time90
For Assistance (Help Menus)99