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Just say, “Credit!” Use Your Debit Card Wisely

Just say “Credit!” when given the choice between a credit or debit transaction if you are using your United Credit Union MasterMoney Card.

In either case, MasterMoney card transactions are cleared through your United checking account as debit card transactions, even if you told the cashier “Credit.”

This is important because any time you enter your PIN (either at an ATM or with a cashier), it is counted toward your ATM withdrawals. You receive four free ATM transactions a month. If you use your MasterMoney as a credit transaction, it is not considered an ATM transaction.

Your daily limit for ATM withdrawals is $200. Your daily limit for Debit Card transactions is $200.
(If you make reservations with your Debit Card, that amount remains on your debit card daily limit until the item clears.)

For example, suppose one day you are shopping and forget to say, “Credit, please.” While your purchases of $175 are still under your $200 ATM withdrawal limit, you head to the cash machine for $50 for a nice lunch (shopping is hard work!) All good? Oops! Your transaction was denied because the withdrawal would put you over your $200 ATM withdrawal limit. If you had used your MasterMoney Card as a Credit transaction, you’d be able to have cash. So remember, just say, “Credit”!

One other point as to why it is important to say “Credit.” In recent years, large companies have had security issues with point-of-sale debit transactions. Shoppers’ ATM codes have been stolen through insecure software between the store and the bank. You are probably familiar with the calculator-looking boxes at the grocery store. If you are entering your 4-digit ATM Debit Card number on one of those boxes, then you are making your purchase as a Debit transaction.

To run your transaction as Credit, therefore ensuring a secure transaction, follow these steps:

  • Slide your card as usual;
  • Instead of inputting your code when that option arises, tell the cashier you would like to run the charge as a Credit transaction; and Sign the screen or paper copy, just like a regular Credit Card transaction.

Not only will this option avoid using one of your four ATM transactions for the month, but it also will insure that your transaction is safely run as Credit.

However, please note, that if you do decide to run your Debit Card as a Credit transaction, you will be unable to get cash back. The best way to receive secure cash back is to go to one of Shazam’s ATM locations.

Limits can be increased by contacting the Credit Union.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

MasterMoney Check Card

The MasterMoney® Check Card offers the convenience of a Debit Card and ATM card all in one! Use your MasterMoney Check Card just like a regular ATM card to perform Automated Teller Machine (ATM) transactions all over the world. Your card is valid at more than 800,000 ATMs worldwide that display the Cirrus, NYCE, STAR, Pulse, Plus and SHAZAM logos.

MasterMoney Check Card is FREE!

It’s usually accepted wherever MasterCard is honored … but it works like a check. MasterMoney Check Card is easier to carry than a checkbook, and you’ll never run out of checks!

Use it to pay for purchases and instead of increasing your credit card debt, the purchase amount is debited from available funds in your United Credit Union Checking Account. Don’t forget to keep track!

Purchases will appear on your monthly statement as electronic checking withdrawals. The date and amount of each transaction will be itemized, and the retailer or location of the purchase may also be listed.

Daily ATM withdrawals up to $200.

Daily Debit Card withdrawals up to $200.

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