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Start Saving for Christmas … It’s easy when you save a little at a time

It’s Time for You to Say “HoHoHo” to Holiday Bills!

Do you hear your credit card companies saying “HoHoHo” every time you use your card during the holidays? Join the Club! The United Credit Union Christmas Club, that is! Say goodbye to those bills once and for all.

The holidays arrive at the same time each year, but for many of us, holiday bills provide an unexpected and unpleasant surprise to ring in the new year.

Credit cards, charge accounts and drained share draft accounts are enough of a burden to put a damper on anyone’s holidays.

Don’t let holiday bills ruin your holidays or your new year! The trick is to begin a savings plan by stockpiling some financial reserves ahead of time.

United Credit Union’s Christmas Club is designed to help you set aside the right amount (a little at a time throughout the year) to cushion the financial impact of those holiday bills.

On October 1, just as the stores start decorating for the holidays and the gift bug hits you, the money you saved and the interest you earned are deposited into your share savings account. So when those holiday sales start, you’re ready to shop … without guilt!

It’s never too early to start saving for next year’s holidays. Call or stop by the Credit Union today to join our Christmas Club!