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Special 2020

 From September 1, 2020 Thru September 30, 2020Apply Today
New Auto / Motorcycle100% Financing110% Financing
Up to 36 Months1.75% APR2.25% APR
37-60 Months2.45% APR 2.95% APR
61-84 Months3.45% APR3.95% APR
Used Auto / Motorcycle2017-2020
Clean Retail NADA
Average Trade NADA
3.50% APR4.25% APR
Recreation Vehicle
Travel Trailer, Truck Campers, Motor Homes, Fifth Wheel, Pop-Up Camper
Average Trade
NADA Midwest Edition
5.5% APR6.5% APR
Watercraft, Boat, Jet Ski, Wave Runner
Average Trade
NADA Midwest Edition
4.75% APR5.25% APR
Other Secured Loans
ATV, Tractor, Heavy Equipment, Dump Truck, Backhoe, Botbcat, ect
90% Financing7.5% APR
2nd Mortgate80% Loan To Value
5 Years4.25% APR
10 Years5.25% APR
15 Years6.0% APR

Account Relationship Discounts

  • No Account Relationship Discounts
  • Annual Percentage rate = %

Rates effective April 1, 2020 Thru August 31, 2020