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United Credit Union is Your One-Stop Shop for All of Your Loan Product Needs

We may be small but our motto is to give the big banks a run for their money with our loan rates. Do you know why? Because our focus is on YOU, the member, not on profitability. We can take this approach because we answer to our Board, which is made up of members you have elected to represent you, not a bunch of fat-cat bankers from some far-away big city.

If you want to be an educated consumer and get the best deal (that is you, right?), then be sure to look around town and then come back to your hometown Credit Union. We’ll be here ready to find the perfect loan at the perfect rate for you.

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A Loan for Every Need and Every Person!

We have a variety of loan options to find just the right fit for you. Contact a Credit Union representative to apply.

New & Used Recreational Vehicle Loans

See the world! … Or at least that part of the world within driving distance! Sightseeing in your new RV is the way to go. Like nothing you’ve experienced, you can tour some of the magnificent sites our country has to offer, while meeting new friends around the campsite. Apply today!

New & Used Boat Loans

Picture yourself getting away from it all, relaxing while fishing off a new boat with a cooler full of your favorite snacks and drinks by your side. Ahhhh. Ready to take the plunge? Catch the best deal from United Credit Union – talk to us today about your dreams. We’ll help you turn them into reality.
(But you have to remember to apply the sun lotion!)

New & Used Motorcycle Loans

Vrooom Vrooom

Is that the sound of the highway calling to you? Maybe this is the year when you and your spouse decide to go on an exciting adventure and surprise the grandchildren as you roll up on two wheels. If you’re ready to hit the road, talk with us about your loan needs. We’ll accelerate the loan process.

Enhance Your Loan with GAP Insurance

New Motorcycle Loans have optional GAP Insurance. Ask us how when you apply.

Signature/Personal Loans

Do you need a loan quickly for something small? Did your furnace go out in the coldest part of winter? Did your air conditioning unit decide it liked the heat setting? Did your dishwasher decide hand washing would be better for you? Then a Signature/Personal loan from United Credit Union is just what you need.

Sometimes also called an unsecured loan, a Signature/Personal loan is one for which no collateral is required. The loan is backed up only by the promise of the borrower to repay. At United Credit Union, we find these loans are good for members who wish to purchase small items, such as a new dishwasher, a washer or dryer, a furnace, or to pay taxes.

Come into the Credit Union to apply for a Signature/Personal loan. We’ll find the right loan and rate for you and provide you with a quick turnaround, so you can be sure to get what you need when you need it.

Share & CD Pledge Loans

A Share Pledge or CD Pledge is a loan pledged against a savings account or share certificate of deposit with United Credit Union. Funds equal to the balance of the loan are frozen in the savings/certificate account. As the loan balance is paid down, funds are released back into your available balance. On share certificate pledge loans, the loan term is up to the maturity date of the certificate.

Term Note Loans

A term note is a loan that requires only interest payments until the last day of its life, at which time the full amount borrowed is due. At United Credit Union, members often use term notes to pay for taxes or purchase anything from glasses and dental work to crop seeds.

If a Term Note Loan is of interest to you, give us a call or stop by to apply.