United Credit Union takes a personal approach to lending. While we do take into account your credit history, we do not base our decision on that alone. Because we are your Credit Union, we are here to help.

And we will always try our very best to help you meet your loan needs. Plus, the loan rates we advertise on our website, in our newsletter and at the Credit Union are the same low rates for every member. They are not meant to lure you in, only to have them increase when you apply.

Also, as you start paying back your loan, we understand if your situation changes. We are ready and willing to work with you to redo your loan terms to something that helps you pay off the loan. You see, we know and understand because we are members of your community, interested and invested in you and your family. We are United Credit Union, your hometown credit union.

And we are united to serve you, our members.


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